iPhone 11 9H Flexible Glass Camera Lens Protector Film

Nano Flexible Glass Screen Protector
iPhone 11 9H Nano Flexible Glass Screen Protector
September 11, 2019

iPhone 11 9H Flexible Glass Camera Lens Protector Film

9H Nano Flexible camera lens Guard Circle

  • Nano Flexible Glass is a product suitable for anyone who wants to enhance the display's strength without affecting the touch or appearance.
  • Such a high hardness, which exceeds the protective foil, is enhanced by the addition of additional material coatings, which additionally retain a low glass thickness.

Product Specifications

Product Nano Flexible Glass Screen Protector
Thickness 0.265mm
Surface Hardness 9H
Light Transmittance 92%
Selling Point nano flexible glass / explosion-proof / anti-static / dust- proof / anti-broken / hydrophobic oleophobic / high clear / Anti-scratch / high quality / oem service
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Nano Flexible Glass

9H Ultra thin Flexible Glass may be the thinnest 9H flexible glass on the market. Different from tempered glass, it is much safer because of no shatter during dropping.


In the fall, the glass does not break down into many sharp and dangerous pieces. It is not only resistant to cracking, but also reinforces the screen. This is a unique advantage among fragile and susceptible to cracks typical protective glass.

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Not Just Screen Protection

The traditional toughened glass only protects the screen. When our mobile phone is dropped and scratched frequently, the mobile phone faces various kinds of injuries. However, this mobile phone can protect your mobile phone in all aspects, not Just the screen, and the back, camera lens.

Perfect Fit and Good Exhaust

Accurate grinding tools, 100% precision and sensitivity to touch, automatic exhaust, no bubbles. Prevent become warped edge, all around protection.

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In this brand effect society, the quality and service of brand is admirable, We always believe that quality can convince everything, hope fully to become your trustworthy OEM screen protector company in Guangzhou, We promise to be your honest dealer.


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