Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology Screen Protector

Biomaster & Bestsuit Antimicrobial Real Glass Touch Screen Protector

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Biomaster & Bestsuit 3D Curved Edge Flexible Tempered Glass
October 28, 2020
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Sharkbody Clo2 Antibacterial Virus Shut Out Card
May 8, 2020

Biomaster & Bestsuit Antimicrobial Real Glass Touch Screen Protector

biomaster flexible screen protector biomaster flexible screen protector
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biomaster screen protector biomaster screen protector
Biomaster antimicrobial technology-4 Biomaster antimicrobial technology-4
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Biomaster & Bestsuit Antimicrobial Real Glass Touch Screen Protector

  • Actively prevents micrbial growth on the surface
  • 24/7 can protect the product surface
  • Has passed the independent test of ISO 22196
  • Supplementary cleaning system
  • Is completely safe to use in food and water applications

Product Specifications

Product Biomaster & Bestsuit Antimicrobial Flexible Screen Protector
Thickness 0.3mm
Surface Hardness 9H
Light Transmittance 96%
Selling Point Biomaster Antimicrobial / flexible glass / explosion-proof / curved edge / dust- proof / anti-broken / hydrophobic oleophobic / high clear / Anti-scratch / high quality / oem service
Customer Reviews YES

Biomaster antimicrobial technology

Biomaster Shocking Technology

Biomaster antimicrobial technology is an incredibly effective way to stop the growth of harmful microbial in places where good hygiene is critical; For more click here

Biomaster antimicrobial technology-4

Comprehensive Protection

No matter what kind of occasion you are in, Biomaster always protects you 24 hours a day;
Bestsuit screen protector is based on BioMaster’s antimicrobial technology, which effectively protects health, The first creator of Bestsuit screen protector

Easy To Carry and Use

Rich usage scenes, paste on the chest, paste on the mask, paste on the car, paste on the mobile phone, paste on the computer

Biomaster antimicrobial technology-2
Biomaster Antimicrobial Protection-2

Better Than Tempered Glass

This is a kind of polymer composite material, which has the advantages of safety, no broken edges, automatic adsorption and other comprehensive characteristics

High Quality and Requirements

Withstand 100,000 friction tests, just to make a better product; Pursue a smoother feel and bring you a more comfortable experience

Biomaster Antimicrobial Protection

Why choose us ?

In this brand effect society, the quality and service of brand is admirable, We always believe that quality can convince everything, hope fully to become your trustworthy OEM screen protector company in Guangzhou, We promise to be your honest dealer.


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