screen protector Installation Kit

Screen Protector Installation Kit

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February 27, 2024
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9h Flexible Glass Camera Lens Protector for iPhone14 Pro
August 17, 2022

Screen Protector Installation Kit

ai dust box ai dust box
ai dust box ai dust box
ai dust box ai dust box

Ai dust box Screen Protector

  • Dust-free mobile phone screen protection tool, simple installation of screen protector
  • With automatic positioning function, no manual positioning is required
  • Ai dust box mobile phone screen protector materials include glass, hydrogel film, 9H
  • The ai dust box has a dust removal effect, no bubbles, and the film is completely attached to protect the mobile phone protective film.
  • Revealing the perfect phone just got easier with our ai bust box, so you get perfect alignment the first time

Product Specifications

Product Ai dust box Screen Protector
Pype automatic
Compatible with multiple models 99%
Selling Point compatible with 99% Models/10 seconds to Quickly Apply the Film/Easy to apply Film/Automatic positioning/ Bubble-free
Customer Reviews YES

What is ai bust box?

The screen of ai dust box is made of hydrogel film and tempered glass. We currently have four types of screen protectors, all of which are carefully developed by us. When the screen receives an impact, it will protect the screen very well. We will ai dust box to perfectly apply protective film

Principle of ai dust box

When you encounter bubbles and dust on the screen protector, you can use our AI dust box dust removal tool to automatically position the film and apply it quickly and easily

ai dust box

Ai Dust Box Structure

Product introduction, specific structure, please contact us, For more information click to view the video

The easiest and fastest tool to apply screen protector so far

It combines many advantages, is affordable, is very suitable for agents, and has dust-free and automatic positioning functions.

ai dust box
ai dust box

Super automatic positioning

Ai dust box has a large positioning function and a simple screen protector application tool, which can apply a perfect protective film and reduce worries.

Visible and Available Test

We have gone through thousands of tests and tried different protective films in order to create a powerful protective effect that perfectly fits the mobile phone screen.

ai dust box
ai dust box

Suitable for various phone sizes

With automatic positioning and dust-free functions, it meets the needs of daily use and fits the screen perfectly.

Why choose us ?

In this brand effect society, the quality and service of brand is admirable, We always believe that quality can convince everything, hope fully to become your trustworthy OEM screen protector company in Guangzhou, We promise to be your honest dealer.


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