Full Anti Pressing Screen Protector

9H Flexible Glass screen protector for samsung s10
9H TPU 3D Curved Flexible Glass
July 14, 2018
9h nano flexible glass screen protector for iphone xs
9H Nano Flexible Glass Screen Protector
June 28, 2018

Full Anti Pressing Screen Protector

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tpu full cover screen protector tpu full cover screen protector
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tpu full cover screen protector tpu full cover screen protector
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Full Anti Pressing Screen Protector

  • A screen protector from the FULL BODY? series that protects the screen from edge to edge, including screen rounding and the film does not turn yellow.
  • Covers perfectly the whole screen of your mobile, even the curved edges. Not only easy to install, but also leaving a flawless and bubble-free surface.

Product Specifications

Product Anti Pressing Screen Protector
Thickness 0.2mm
Surface Hardness ≤4H
Light Transmittance 94%
Selling Point dual positioning / anti nails pressing / full screen / anti-static / anti scratches / soft material / hydrophobic / high clear / high quality / oem service
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Anti Pressing Screen Protector

Since the galaxy note 8 stylus is easy to leave indentations on the tpu protective film, our R&D team specially developed a high-hardness tpu screen protector, which perfectly solved the problem of residual indentation of the tpu protective film, and unique dual positioning, making install film so easier.

Thin and Buffer Layer

We have maintained the characteristics of thin and light of tpu material, and further researched and developed how to increase the buffer layer, so that the film can withstand a certain amount of indentation and be automatically repaired after a period of time, so you don't need to worry about the scratches left behind.

HD Scratch Resistant

When you begin to use FULL BODY screen protector, you can hardly find there is a protector in the surface of screen, for this ultra-thin transparent PET protector is HD clear and almost invisible when applied to the screen, which allows you to view your device without interfering with the display quality.

Perfect Fit and Dual Positioning

Accurate grinding tools, 100% precision and sensitivity to touch, no bubbles. Prevent become warped edge, all around protection.

Why choose us ?

In this brand effect society, the quality and service of brand is admirable, We always believe that quality can convince everything, hope fully to become your trustworthy OEM screen protector company in Guangzhou, We promise to be your honest dealer.


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