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Molecular glass screen protector

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April 19, 2019
Xiaomi MIX3 has become the worldundefineds first 5G mobile phone suitable for Android Q.
May 8, 2019

Molecular glass screen protector

The surface of the molecular glass is hard enough to resist scratching, even if you scratch it hard with a knife, because iron is harder than glass, let alone tempered.Flexible steel film also overcome the problem of brittle steel film, it is not easy to break the tempered glass film, stick to the phone, the screen by a strong impact, the film still won't be broken.So you do not need to change the phone's steel film frequently.

Explosion-proof and scratch-proof: it can prevent the broken and scattered glass panel caused by the accidental impact of mobile phone, reduce the hidden damage of glass panel, and guarantee the safety of users.At the same time to prevent accidental scratch, affect the appearance of the phone

The strength of the Molecular glass is stronger than that of the common glass. The experiment shows that the bending of the film is only a drawing crack, which is a very complete phone film.

molecular glass; 9H flexible ;3D edge; anti-scratch; touch-smooth; easy to paste ; exhaust quickly ,no bubble

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