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Auto repair screen protector for huawei p30

Huawei P30 Pro full body screen protector
April 10, 2019
full screen protector
April 19, 2019

Auto repair screen protector for huawei p30

Auto repair screen protector belongs to 2 generation of explosion-proof film,using 0.15mm TPU which imports from the USA,the application of magneron sputtering technology,promote the overall toughness of the material , make the explosion-proof grassroots have excellent cushioning properties, so as to realize rebound , effectively prevent the stress on the phone's screen broken .

The material has the self-repair coatings in the material,can external scratches produced by a certain degree of impact. Automatic repair film surface through special processing, join with the high density oil coating,high touch comfort.

Product features: auto repair;360°complete coverage ;all models can be custommized; high viscous;cover the whole screen; edge and back.

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